Google Suite will stop being free. How to have free custom domain email with forwarding

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Back in 2013, as the typical early adopter, I got a free Google Suite account for my domain. I never used it deeply, but I created a email that I still keep as my main one. I forwarded the emails to my personal account and I could send email as “” too.

Well, Google did it again. They are migrating the G Suite to Workspace and the free option is going to disappear (remember Google Photos?). So I started looking for alternatives.

Google Suite Workspace Pricing


One good candidate was Zoho, it allows you to have custom domain free email. Only problem, once I had everything set up I noticed that in order to forward email to another account you have to pay extra. This is a no-go, I want to keep using Gmail.

I was seeing myself paying to have my email forwarded when I found forwardemail. This is a super basic service, there is no inbox or anything for your email, you just configure it and everything will be forwarded. Of course you can also configure “Send email as”. Just what I needed!

Do you have a professional and personal email accounts? have you considered using a custom domain?

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