Professional Scrum Master certification

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I recently obtained the Professional Scrum Master certification (PSM I) issued by In order to do it I had avantage since I received official training but anyway I think is doable without it, some tips:

  • There’s no Sprint 0. Also no hardening Sprint, integration Sprint, release Sprint, planning Sprint, etc. All Sprints are the same.
  • Only the Development Team are required to participate in the Daily Scrums.
  • There’s always only one Product Backlog and one Product Owner, no matter how many teams are working on the project.
  • There are no roles other than those three standard ones, and none of them manage the rest, development teams self organize.

With this input a lot of questions that may appear in the test can be answered much more easily. Apart for the tips, the preparation shoul be:

  • Read the scrum guide
  • Read books such as - Scrum and Xp From the trenches, Kanban & Scrum
  • Work with SCRUM framework in your current employment (if possible)
  • Do Scrum Open assessment several times and takes notes of the erros, don’t stop until you get 100% always
  • Read the agile manifesto

During the exam, use the bookmarks to mark the questions you have some doubts and go through them in a second iteration (hahaha the scrum way!)

Good luck!

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